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A Beautiful Birthday At The Pines Resort

The Pines Resort is in Bass Lake California nestled among beautiful pine trees and a large sparkling lake. The resort looks exactly like a postcard which gives it a dream element, leaving me more curious by the minute!

The Chalet

Rustic with a touch of charm would be my description of the Chalet I enjoyed during my stay. The Tuolumne Lodge, overlooking the lake had breathtaking views. I just won’t have it any other way, I am now hooked. A lovely patio, fireplace, double beds, a let out couch, and a full kitchen. This is a great option for families. Everyone was very comfortable and pleased, it was truly the vacation we all needed.

The Amenities

This location is loaded with activities, from basketball & tennis to a swimming pool, hot tub, and a private beach. Everything you need is on site including an amazing restaurant, you can read more about in my other article. My favorite amenities were definitely the pool and private beach. They were both truly stunning.

The Takeaway

This resort is one of a kind. Relax, Recharge, spend quality time, and have fun! This is what you’ll get when you stay at The Pines. The prices are reasonable and they continuously have sales if you join their mailing list. Make sure you subscribe to stay in the loop. There is also a Lakefront Spa Suite, that I highly recommend for singles or couples. Families should go with the Chalet’s or Cabins. I will certainly be returning for more family trips throughout the year!


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