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An Evening of Swan Lake

Updated: May 7, 2022

The magical decor covered the stage showcasing the most beautiful set sceneries your eyes could see. Jonathon Fensom is who we can thank for that. A feeling of excitement filled my soul as I gazed on Helgi Tomasson's choreography, I was drawn to the artistic direction. This night we honored Helgi Tomasson's contributions to the San Francisco Ballet. Happily, joined by my mother, Sarita Jones, I couldn't have asked for a better night.

Photography by Erik Tomasson

Dancers shown:

San Francisco Ballet and Kamryn Baldwin

The performance was captivating, the dancers were exceptional. It was obvious that each performer poured themselves into every act. The result was your emotions being pulled into the story. Swan Lake is powerful; based on a German fairy tale, it is the bittersweet love story of Prince Siegfried and the swan princes Odette. Odette is under a magical spell that can only be broken by the man who loves her. She turns from a human into a swan until the spell is broken. Every scene is dramatic and demands your attention.

The costumes were stunning. My favorite scenes were in act two and three. Every move was so graceful and packed with power when needed. I enjoyed the delicate sounds of the Symphony. The San Francisco Ballet never disappoints, there are several amazing shows year-round. It is also family friendly; I have seen children consistently in awe of the performances along with their parents. If you have not been, this should be added to your bucket list.

Photography by Erik Tomasson

Dancers shown:

San Francisco Ballet, Elizabeth Mateer, Ellen Rose Hummel, and San Francisco Ballet School Trainees

San Francisco Ballet

War Memorial Opera House

301 Van Ness ave.

San Francisco, Ca 94102


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