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How To Cope while in Quarantine, 5 Self-Care Tips


As many of us continue this journey that never seems to end, we find ourselves becoming restless. Although challenging, it does not have to be this way. Let's change our mindsets and the way we look at things. Below are some tips that will tend to your senses. Shall we explore

1.) Create a positive routine.

Now it's time to do some critical thinking. What makes you happy? What areas in your life need work? Let these thoughts turn into a game plan.


Monday 9 am Stretch & workout

10 am Shower with incredible products

11 am Get outdoors

Noon Prepare an appealing lunch

1 pm Enjoy a clear moment to yourself

2 pm Reach out to friends & family

3 pm Catch up on a book you haven't finished

4 pm Prepare a dinner that you're excited to eat

5 pm Eat Dinner

6 pm Indulge in a good movie or television series

7 pm Check out social media

8 pm Take a nice Bath

9 pm Play some soothing sounds or music, drifting off to sleep

2.) Get outdoors.

Ah, yes. The great outdoors have been waiting for you. Work can no longer be an excuse. We have so many great places that are free for all and big enough to produce effective social distancing. Here are a few tools to give you a head start.

  • Download Outdoors Mobile Apps. It's amazing, you can find a place to hike no matter where you are in the world. I use the app frequently, enjoying its priceless benefits.

3.) Head to the Beach.

Take the time to go a little further than you normally do. I personally love Carmel & Big Sur. Your view should be eye-catching, the sands should gently exfoliate your feet, and water should caress your senses. You deserve it.

4.) Step it up in the kitchen!

Tired of takeout? It's time to get creative and try something different. We have access to loads of recipes from all around the world and you, my friend have time to use them.

5.) Treat Yourself.

It's time to upgrade your bath/shower routine into a luxurious spa experience. Many ancient practices will make you feel like a million bucks. Your skin will thank you later!

  • Meditation music & Nature sounds hit the spot

  • Use plush bath Towels that feel great on your skin

  • Implement a bath soak, bath bombs, and essential oils

  • Try essential oil diffusers

  • Add a bath caddy and pillow

Many of us have worked very hard and have hectic work schedules. With this mandatory time off, use it wisely. Nurture yourself, pay attention to your needs. This will change your mindset and boost your energy, eventually increasing your overall happiness.



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