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The Enchanting “ Village Bakery ”

As children we’ve all watched magical films showcasing dream like places. Once you step into Village bakery in Tyler Texas you instantly feel as if you’ve went back in time. The sweet buttery aromas fill the air in such a pleasant way. I genuinely could not stop smiling.

Egg Petit Fours decorated to perfection, are the main attraction. Lines have formed outside of the door. Any day of the week customers walk in with so much delight. The bakery is busy yet the staff does such a lovely job of making every customer feel special and at home. Village bakery truly embodies southern charm and culture. Hear their story from the Owner herself.

Everything is cooked fresh daily. My favorite goodies are the chocolate chip cookies! They are packed with flavor, the chocolate melts in your mouth. I also enjoyed their Biscotti, it is normally served with a hard texture. The Biscotti at Village bakery is soft and incredible. Truly the best that I have ever experienced. The chunky chocolate added the perfect touch. I highly recommend it. My Family enjoyed an abundant tasting. Everyone had a smile on their face after eating one of the baked desserts. It was certainly a hit, I can’t wait to return!

Visit Village Bakery in Tyler Texas


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