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4 Hidden Gems in Whistler

Those who visit Whistler already have to make a trek to get there. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, Whistler National Park is a place packed with incredible views and experiences. Although most people who visit think of skiing or the spas, they miss out on many of the incredible secrets the area hides. If you want more than a cliché vacation in a beautiful location, here are the top four things Whistler can surprise you with.

Blackcomb Tube Park

If skiing isn’t your thing, but you still want to try your hand at the slopes, tubing is the way to go! Like skiing, you'll meet the company at the bottom of Blackcomb Mountain. From here, they'll give you a ride up the mountain on a gondola, and you'll get to pick how intense of a ride you want. Ranging from comfortable to steep, you can get all of your energy out in one go. There are some rules, of course. If you're coming with family, the kids have to be twelve or older to ride: and an adult must accompany anyone under eighteen. Inner tubing is fun for any period, so don't be afraid to get out there and give it a try!

Parkhurst Ghost Village

The Parkhurst Ghost Village is a spot that many locals haven't even visited. Although this small town used to be a thriving logging spot, it was abandoned in the 1960s due to weather and lack of supplies. Some say that it's haunted, but it's more of an excellent historical site than anything else. If you choose to go, it's better to try in the summer since you will have to hike an hour or two to arrive. Those who go in the winter should attempt to hire a guide for safety purposes.

Ziplining The Mountainside

If you hate roller coasters or heights aren't your thing, this gem might not be for you. Ziplining is the closest to flying without an aircraft or parachute that we can get while surviving. Visitors get securely fit into a harness, which gets hooked onto a long unbreakable cord. This cord can carry you down the side of the mountain, floating above trees and people alike, at speeds faster than you'll believe. People who zipline the mountains in Whistler say it’s like nothing else! Although you may feel that initial panic from adrenaline, after you see how beautiful the mountains and park are around you: you’ll want to go again.

Outdoor Ice Skating

Of course, the mountains are gorgeous, and just looking at them makes people want to find Whistler homes for sale, but there's more to this city than the slopes! Instead, many focus on how beautiful the lakes are frozen over. There are several spots in Whistler National Park where visitors can lace up their skates and enjoy getting on the ice. Professionals offer skating lessons, and all ice is checked to be frozen through before anyone sets foot on the rinks. Skating is a fun way to still enjoy your surroundings without having to plummet down a mountain!


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