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Saint Patrick's Day at Trabocco Kitchen & Cocktails

This Saint Patrick's day my cousins and I decided to visit Trabocco kitchen & cocktails. Nestled on the island of Alameda, Ca this restaurant commands the attention of anyone who passes by. Owned by Giuseppe Naccarelli and Christine Naish, specializing in world-class Italian cuisine!

The Food:

"Bistecca Alla Brace"

Let's talk about flavors! I ordered the "Bistecca Alla Brace", the buttery yet resinous flavor truly catered to my senses. The entree was paired with roasted potatoes, almonds, and delightful spinach sautéed with olive oil, garlic. Each item made my mouth water.

"Torta Di Cioccolato"

Dessert was a decadent flourless chocolate cake called "Torta Di Cioccolato" enriched with creme Anglaise. A combination you must try, I certainly have a new appreciation for the ingredient.


The Ambiance:

Romance, Trabocco gives you a luxury outdoor lounge experience that feels like you are in a movie scene. The environment is lively and emulates joy, the area is covered by a canopy that blocks the flares of the wind. Beautiful heat lamps adorn the area making your visit more comfortable.

The Service:

Steller! These are the most joyful staff members I have ever seen in a restaurant. They seem to enjoy what they do and it makes you smile along with them while getting settled in. The mannerisms were very impressive, our chairs were pulled out for us as we were seated.

Overall Rating & Takeaway:

8.5/10 This is a lovely restaurant that has the whole package. If you are looking for great food, a beautiful atmosphere, and excellent customer service this is where you want to be. What are you waiting for? Make a reservation and head on over!

Would I visit again?



Website: Trabocco

Address: 2213 South Shore Center, Alameda, California 94501

IG @trabocco_alameda

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Tommy Raulson
Tommy Raulson
22. 3. 2021

Wow looks you had a blast on Saint Patrick's day! That Bistecca Alla Brace dish looks delish. Never heard of it but the way that you described it sounds like the flavors really popped!

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