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“ The Wiz ” A Tony Award Winner Returns!

Get ready to be wowed because the Tony award winning play “ The Wiz ” directed by Shele Williams is the performance of the year! I give big thanks to Broadway SF for bringing the show to us. Every character was an absolute powerhouse of talent. The voices? Top tier. The dancing by the cast and choreography by Jaquel Knight? Simply amazing. This show didn't just tug at your heartstrings; it practically gave them a workout, making you feel every emotion in the most powerful way. Now can we talk about Deborah Cox's dress by Sharen Davis? Gorgeous, sparkly, and downright beautiful!

I fell head over heels for each character, I especially enjoyed the scarecrow played by Avery Wilson – the sets by Hannah Beachler were bursting with creativity, and every color was like a party for your eyes. Plus, the play dished out some seriously fantastic life lessons with incredible skill. A perfect 10/10 – everyone needs to experience this theatrical magic!

Mark your calendars – running from January 17 to February 11, 2024, The Wiz started its journey in San Francisco before hitting the grand stages of Broadway in New York. What an honor! Even Mayor London Breed graced the occasion with a lovely opening speech to introduce this incredible classic.

Imagine the excitement when I heard that this childhood-inspired film was hitting the stage. Nostalgia hit hard as my best friend and I relived every moment of the show. Even memories of my late grandmother, Dorothy Mae Ford, and aunt Robin Nelson flooded back – the emotional connections in this play are truly something special. Hands down, the best theatrical experience I've had in a very long time. Don't miss out on The Wiz magic!


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