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Napa's trendy new hotel "Cambria "

Every April, I take time to select a special hotel to spend my birthday in. This year I chose Cambria, a modern new hotel located in Napa California. I've been working nonstop and needed to select an area that offered peace, luxury, relaxation, and gourmet foods. After a thorough search I was certain Cambria would be the best choice. Napa in itself is a calm scenic place to visit, the beautiful vineyards, legendary wines, and farm fresh foods satisfy all of your senses.

The hotels modern feel adds something fresh and exciting to Napa. Below you will find some of the key points that makes this hotel great.

The Room

My hotel room was fantastic! The decor had a nice, sophisticated charm. The bathroom was stunning and gave you the impression that you were at a spa. Showers were amazing and I was obsessed with the lighting. My bed for the next few nights was comfortable as ever. Cambria has the perfect number of blankets. The temperature was great. There was a lovely chaise lounge near the bed along with an extra table for dining. After heavy workloads this was actually the type of mental break I needed.

The Amenities

The outdoor lounge area was super cute! It included a nice hot tub, cozy chairs, and several fire pits. It easily sets a nice tone and creates a chill vibe. It was conveniently located near the bar and restaurant. There is also a gym on site for those who want to stay on their workout schedule. Cambria also has meeting rooms.

The Bar

The bar is a trendy area, the music is great, and the bartender is awesome. She can create all sorts of unique drinks on the fly. Cambria hotel attracts friendly guests from all around the world, this made my stay extra fun. I was able to meet several new people.

The Restaurant

I enjoyed the restaurant, every meal I had was delicious. The food was so fresh and perfectly cooked. It was nice to have the option for your food to be brought up to your room. I was really impressed with the convenience and quality. The staff were so polite and helpful. Their menu had a little something for everyone.

The Take Away

Cambria is a relaxing hotel with great staff. There are excellent stores, restaurants, and wineries nearby. If you’re looking for a home away from home hotel experience this is the place for you. This will become my consistent getaway. Cambria is a top pick on my never ending list of hotels. Napa is true Paradise, the two are a great pair. Plan your visit.

320 Soscol avenue

Napa, Ca, 94559


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