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Start your New Year with Breathe Day Spa

Out with the old, in with the new! 2022 represents new beginnings, so why not start with an eco-friendly spa. Let’s talk spa treatments.

The Customized Treatment Facial

If bliss was a photo this is how it would look, calm, centered, and at ease without a care in the world. My esthetician Kayla walked me through every step and explained which products she was using as well as their purpose. It felt so good to be in the know. Another plus about going to a Green or Eco spa is that the ingredients contained in the products are natural. My facial was not rushed and Kayla really listened to my needs. This is not always the case at other spas, I really appreciate that she took the time to understand my skin concerns. The facial ended with a relaxing shoulder massage.

The V-Steam

A feminine ritual used since ancient times in Africa, Asia, and Central America as a woman’s rite of passage. Recently featured on the popular series “Harlem” starring Megan Good, this luxury treatment is in high demand! Once a session was complete I was able to understand why. The treatment had my body so relaxed, certainly a new form of feminine purification. I definitely plan to return.

Looking for a fresh spa experience with the girls? V-Steam Parties are also available

Below the owner will explain the v-steam process.


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