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The Magic of Westbrook Wine Farm

People travel all around the world in hopes of finding love, ambrosia, delectable chocolate, and decadent WINE!

Thanks to the lovely world of google, I found exactly what I was looking for. As a person with an appreciation for luxurious, unique, and historical sightings. I knew that I could not choose just any place.

I was searching for something special and it was right beneath my fingertips. Sitting atop of a hill was a beautiful new adventure waiting to be taken. My family and I were ready for the ride!

Once we arrived we were greeted by Westbrook’s owner, Ray, who took us on a scenic walkthrough. The vineyard was lovely, It was truly amazing see what 57 years of nurturance looks like. Ray shared so much knowledge for the wine industry in such a down to earth way. He studied Enology at Fresno state in 1963 then applied everything he learned into his vineyard. From the Bordeaux cuttings from France to 15 years of filling the vineyard, it took prayer, love, patience, and dedication. Westbrook is 1 of 2 wineries in California to grow all 8 varieties. Ray spent 10 years looking for the right spot with the perfect elevation for this specific type of wine. He certainly found it!

The Wine Tasting Portion

We went indoors where we seen stunning rustic charm adorned by large wine barrels. Ray guided us through 8 different wines, featuring the vineyards most famous called Museum and my personal favorite dessert wine called Malmsey Dearest. Each wine was unique, there were so many good options that it was hard not to purchase them all! It was nice to receive a wine lesson and my family had a blast. Ray has truly raised the bar.

In all honesty this may have been the best wine tasting experience I’ve ever had. Ray was personable, funny, knowledgeable, and non judgmental. More importantly, he did put on a fancy show, if you want a unique informative wine experience you must set up an appointment to visit!


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