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Tips for New Year’s Eve during Quarantine

1.) A Grill Down

Bring out your favorite grill, grab your meat, seafood, or veggies to prepare for a lit night by the firepit. This activity will remind you about the pleasures of simplicity. During this cold winter, the firepit will keep you cozy while you enjoy good music and great food. If you have a sweet tooth you can add smores for an extra touch!

2.) A Boujie Movie night

This never really gets old and there are so many ways to do this! Create a list of the top-rated titles in any genre. Next, you'll want to have some savory appetizers and explosive drinks. Everything should set the tone. Surround sound and a warm atmosphere are a plus. Tell your guests to bring their favorite blanket/throw and get the night started!

3.) A Lively Game night

Have your guests bring their favorite games potluck style! Uno, hedbanz, cards against humanity (adults only), and codenames are popular choices. You can never go wrong with classic dominoes or spades. Pair delicious appetizers and fruity cocktails with this activity. Make an upbeat music playlist and get it started. Have chilled champagne when the clock hits 12.

4.) Spiritual Resolutions night

Open the night with calming mediation. Have your guests bring a candle to dress upon arrival. Enjoy resolution discussions, write your private thoughts and intentions on paper. Serve a light earthy meal while letting smooth music play. Toast to new beginnings with champagne infused with rose petals


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