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5 Ways To Cope With Stress

When life throws you lemons there are a few things you can do to cope.


Restore your inner peace. Take a moment to find a quiet area. Set a time limit like 5 or 10 minutes. Be aware of your body, sit comfortably in lotus or half lotus position. Take a deep breath, feel each one individually going in and out as you concentrate. Focus on a peaceful place, your ultimate happy place and let your body relax. Once the time span has ended, close your medication with positivity and gratitude. This practice will reprogram your mind to manage the feelings of stress.

2. Reading

Feeling the need to escape? Where would you like to go? I guarantee that there’s a book for every place! Take a step into their fantasy and let yourself drift in their world. Reading is said to lessen the tension in your muscles and lower the speed of your heart rate. With tons of genres to choose from, there is truly a topic for everyone. Try the kindle store through Amazon or stop at Barnes and nobles to pick a juicy hard copy!

3. Online Games

It is said that games can actually reduce stress and improve mental health. There are numerous sites and apps that provide games for every genre. One of my favorites is Plays it is excellent, fun, and has a variety of games that you can enjoy. Beach city drifters was my first choice, the music was soothing, I found myself diving deep into the game. My adrenaline started going and I was even laughing, it truly turned my day around in a matter of minutes.

4. Exercise

Just about every city has a gym with many great membership plans, from affordable to high end. It’s great to take advantage, but say the outdoors is more of your thing. Take in the sparkling view of the lake while jogging along a pleasant path. Stimulate all of your senses and release the negative energies. Exercise can release stress hormones while helping you relax. Some may prefer working out at home while listening to their favorite music. Choose whichever option makes you feel good.

5. Spa day

Magical Massages, Luxury baths, and healing saunas. They all create a calming vibe just for you. Some have Himalayan salt rooms and other ancient practices to release your stress hormones. Spa days can also happen at home. Grab some lavender essential oil, some epsom salt, and add some rose petals for a little extra love. This makes the ultimate soaking experience. Play some light music, light some candles and relax your mind and body. If you don’t have a tub, no problem. Take a nice warm shower while using a rich body scrub and lotion bar from lush!

This year has been extremely stressful for me for many reasons but having an effective outlet is just as good as gold. We have to help ourselves get out of the stress bubble as much as we can. I hope this article helps you as well!

Sending you all Peace, Love, and Light 💫


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