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Spa Bliss with De La Derma

There is nothing like getting a facial and obtaining calming of the spirit. At De LA Derma you get both. The owner Noelle has the magical gift of helping you reach a high level of relaxation.

The spa welcomes you into another world. Upon entering, I noticed this amazing blue light with clouds floating from the sky meeting up with bouquets of stars. It was a beautiful sight. Noelle referred to her space as a place to recharge and I was ready for it. The spa was a hidden piece of paradise. Noelle began to tell me about another hidden luxury, the bio-mat, you could also call it heated perfection. The mat has red light therapy and prmf waves. It is said the improve your skin by reducing scars and redness while healing muscle tissue, and acne. I placed my necklace on the available selenite to remove any negative energies, and allow concentration to cleanse the Aura.

The red light throne awaits, so I gratefully took my position. I immediately felt a calmness. All of my aches were being soothed my mind was also at ease. Noelle started with a face massage, her technique was strong. She asked about my skincare concerns. Noelle then created a customized facial to focus on my oily T zone. Natural products made in small batches are the only products Noelle will use. She is a firm believer in the power of what comes from the earth. This is what drew me to her spa.

Derma plane was our next treatment. It is a natural form of exfoliation and a celeb favorite. Using a small tool all facial hair and dead skin are removed. The benefits of this procedure are smooth dewy skin. Following this treatment was Micro-needling. This procedure creates small wounds which cause your body to produce more collagen and elastin. Noelle is very skilled, you may feel a slight prickly sensation but it's painless. The results make it all worth it!

The Results

I loved the heated towels with back and shoulder massage! It was fantastic! Noelle has gifted hands, the pressure was just right and it only helped me go into a deeper relaxation. My session ended with a fresh cup of herbal tea and amazing conversation. Noelle is a great Esthetician, book your appointment to experience her magic.

De La Derma

Meet Noelle


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